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Techniques for removing scars and dark spots with Spectra Laser It delivers light energy under the skin layers, causing the pigment to be dissolved and excreted from the body, along with the peeling of a specially formulated drug from the United States. It can gently exfoliate old skin cells with no flakes after treatment.

Who is POWER TONING suitable for?

1. People who have problems with dull skin and hyperpigmentation on the body / arms, legs.

2. People with problems with scars on the body / arms, legs.


Post precautions

1. Consult a doctor before treatment.

2. Do not exfoliate the area treated with the laser, as exfoliation can cause abrasions of the skin, which may result in skin weakness.

3. Refrain from using chemical soaps and creams that irritate the skin, such as Retin-A, AHA acids, as some creams may exfoliate, which may result in weakened skin and not along with the laser treatment. If you are unsure, you should consult a doctor.

4. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight for 6 weeks prior to laser treatment as this will reduce the laser's effectiveness or results.

5. If you have any underlying disease or are taking any medications, you should inform your doctor before the laser treatment.


1. During 1-2 days after the laser treatment, the area of the laser skin may still be burning, you can apply a cold compress and apply a body lotion to relieve the symptoms

2. During this time, refrain from sun exposure for 1-2 weeks and should apply sunscreen every day, even at home

3. Refrain from heat activities such as sauna, hot yoga, and steam for 2-3 days.

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