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The Project’s Meso Fat, 2 types of fat melting that includes:

  • Mesolifting

combine fat melting and collagen triggering in the skin. It is good for fatty and sagging skin. The result will be quickly and obviously seen from the first time without swelling and inflammation. 

Suitable for : people who want to dissolve excess fat 

  • Lipoclear

mainly melt fat, no swelling or inflammation after treatment.

Techniques of natural extracts which combines the properties of lipolysis and stimulation of collagen perfectly. Mesolifting program provides quick and clear results after the first treatment with no downtime.


Suitable for : people who want to dissolve excess fat and firm the body.​


Post precautions

1. Avoid taking ASA or NSAIDS anti-inflammatory and coagulation drugs 2 week before the procedure.

2. Avoid supplements and certain medications such as vitamin E, and vitamin A.



1. Refrain drinking alcohol or smoking 3-7 days after the treatment.

2. Drink about 6-8 glasses of clean water for 7 days

3. Avoid massaging or scrubbing on treatment area.

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