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Made Collagen

Recover Skin | Reduce Acne | Brighten Face

Adding secret vitamin formula which combine vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and cell therapy to 16 points on the face. This will make your skin stronger and younger than ever.


Detoxification - A process that accelerates detoxification —the cause of wrinkles prevention.

Metabolism - A process that accelerates energy buring and the circulatory system.

Nutrients and Cell Therapy - Nutrients and cell tissues that revive your health and skin.

Reconstructing - A process that balances your skin to build strong immunity fighting against diseases


Post precautions

1. Refrain from drinking alcohol, 24 hours before the injection.

2. Consult a doctor before treatment.



1. You may have bruising or redness which is normal and it will disappear within 3-4 hours.

2. When cleaning the skin after the injection, should not scratch in the treatment area.

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