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Flawless Fresh Eyes

It is our technique for filling under the eyes. The Project's secret formula combines various concentrated vitamins together. It is similar to Treatment MESO for a bright face mixed with Hyaluronic acid, which has moisture retention properties of the skin. This technique will reduce the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes and brighten eyes naturally.

It is suitable for people who would like to revitalize the skin under the eyes. It is especially suitable for those with dark under-eye problems, wrinkles under the eyes. It can soften, moisturize, reduce dark circles, help the skin under the eyes look healthier, brighter and younger. * See results from the first time.


Post precautions

1. Refrain from drinking alcohol and activities that cause blood to pump or increase body temperature, such as vigorous exercise or a sauna, 24 hours before the injection.

2. Avoid supplements and certain medications such as aspirin, vitamin E and vitamin A.



1. You may see tiny bumps or injected marks that will slowly fade away.

2. If you have a bruise, you can apply a light cold compress.

3. Refrain from heat massage or sauna for 1 week after the injection.

4. Refrain from drinking alcohol 1 week after injection.

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