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The Project Botox

Botox injection techniques can reshape the face and reduce wrinkles. With customize facial treatment, patient will get the best results that make they look better as they are.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) is a natural extract in the form of a protein. When doctors use it correctly, the muscles are temporarily paralyzed facial muscles. For the result, botox can help reduce appearance of skin wrinkles, and also adjust the face shape.


Treatment Area : Jawline, Wrinkles, Face Lift


Duration of Action

Allergan (USA) : 6-8 months (depend on area treated and self-care)

Dysport (ENG) : 6-8 months (depend on area treated and self-care)

Aestox (Korea) : 4-6 months (depend on area treated and self-care)


Post precautions

1. Avoid drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before the treatment.

2. Avoid supplements and certain medications such as vitamin E, and vitamin A.



1. If Botox is injected for jawline slimming, we recommend you to chew gum for 30 minutes so that Botox can better absorb into the muscle.

2. Should not use a cold compress immediately after the treatment.

3. Avoid lying down for 3 hours.

4. Refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking for 3-7 days hours after the treatment.

5. Refrain from eating fermented food for 3-7 days

6. Avoid touching, rubbing, or physical pressure on the treatment area.

7. Refrain from heat activities such as massage, laser treatment, and sauna.

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