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3D Firming

3D Firming is using 3DEEP RF radio technology which is superior to conventional radio waves (RF) because it can control the shallow-depth of wave transmission and also be adapted to suit each person's skin. For the method, 3D Firming will send energy into the skin and stimulate the creation of collagen without causing pain and downtime.

**Certified by USFDA for both results and safety.


Benefits of 3D Firming

- re-tighten facial skin

- reduce wrinkles

- minimize pores

- Improve skin health


Suitable for : people who have problem about a large amount of subcutaneous fat, chubby cheeks, small wrinkles, and large pores

Treatment Area : Cheek, Nasolabial Folds, Double Chin, Full Face

*Results lasts for 8-12 months

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